Step Feeders


Tribal Automation's Step Feeders are suitable for use in a wide range of applications and capable of handling a diverse range of components.

The Step Feeder uses a series of reciprocating blades to transfer parts from a bulk hopper, the blades elevate the parts at a controlled rate to the discharge track.

Various sizes can be manufactured and options are available to suit customers' specific requirements.

Linear Feeder and Conveyor discharge tracks can be supplied with specifically designed tooling for the selection and orientation of the parts into single or multiple lines as required.

The outfeed linear track or conveyor can be supplied with hold/release cylinders for part separation and fitted with escapements for pick and place applications.


Excess and unselected parts are returned back into the hopper for recirculation.

Inclined rails or gravity tracks can be supplied if required.

Depending on the application, the Step Feeder blades can be driven electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

Step Feeders can often generate less noise than vibratory systems and they are also capable of handling oily components.

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